Unboxing Shout Factory’s JACKIE CHAN COLLECTION VOL. 1 Blu-ray Box Set

Austin Vashaw
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New on Blu-ray this week, Shout! Factory brings the Jackie Chan Collection Vol. 1, rounding up seven classic early-era Jackie — and still “Jacky” — flicks, from a time when the superstar was transitioning from more traditional kung fu to his own brand of comedic acrobatics, and hadn’t yet made major inroads to American audiences.

The films:

  • The Killer Meteors
  • Shaolin Wooden Men
  • To Kill with Intrigue
  • Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin
  • Dragon Fist
  • Battle Creek Brawl (aka The Big Brawl)
  • Dragon Lord, included in both standard and extended cuts.

Collectors may remember there was a time when you could pull battered, barebones DVDs of many of these titles out of Walmart bins for $5, but those days are long gone and most of these have become increasingly difficult to purchase and watch.

Shout’s new boxed set brings these classic films back, and to Blu-ray for the first time, along with commentaries, interviews, trailers, and other new extras that you wouldn’t have found on those old value-bin editions.

In addition to the seven classic feature films, an eighth film is included: a feature-length documentary entitled The Golden Boy: Harvesting a Major New Martial Arts Maverick.

Here’s our detailed pictorial of what’s in the package.

Outer Slipbox

Feature Details

Case Housing

Backing Detail


A/V Out.

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