Widely regarded as the greatest of the biblical epics, Cecil B. DeMille’s masterpiece comes home to UHD

Even 65 years after its release, The Ten Commandments remains one of the biggest jewels in the crown of Paramount Pictures; a towering accomplishment of big budget filmmaking in the age of epics.

Director Cecil B. DeMille’s account of the story of Moses, a partial remake of his own 1923 silent picture of the same title, features an all-star cast, old-school epic storytelling, impressive special effects, and themes of freedom and faith that still resonate.

1952’s smash hit big top adventure hit Blu-ray this week on the “Paramount Presents” lineup

These days, the combination of Cecil B. DeMille and Charlton Heston immediately brings to mind their biblical epic collaboration on the perennial favorite telling of the story of Moses, The Ten Commandments. But 4 years before a bearded Heston bid Yul Brynner’s Pharaoh to let his people go, the pair’s earlier endeavor together, The Greatest Show on Earth, had been a massive hit for Paramount — the studio’s biggest ever, in fact.

The circus has fallen to…

Join us on a journey to the great beyond and back again with 2014’s underseen animated gem

The Pick:

Stouthearted and sensitive, Manolo (Diego Luna) has a few simple goals: to honor his Sanchez family, play beautiful music on his guitarra, and to win the heart of Maria (Zoe Saldana), the girl…

Bruce Campbell stars in this unique realtime-style crime tale and love story, new on Blu-ray

1997's Running Time is a fascinatingly made film which I think may have been unfairly overlooked as among the indie crime boom which erupted after Pulp Fiction. Star Bruce Campbell has often cited the film as a personal favorite from his filmography, and it’s easy to see why.

New on Blu-ray, Swedish thriller pits viewers in a desperate underwater struggle of survival and sisterly love

I was very engrossed with Breaking Surface, an effective Swedish thriller written and directed by Joachim Heden which thrusts its characters and viewers into an urgent survival situation, creating a palpable sense of desperation and panic.

The film’s protagonists are two adult half-sisters from a family of divers, anxiety-ridden Ida, and carefree Tuva, who meet up for a reunion with their cantankerous mother.

Fond memories of films, friends, and Kansas City’s coolest place to catch a movie

closure announcement banner from the Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet website

The Alamo Drafthouse is first and foremost an Austin institution, and in our remembrance today my Cinapse colleagues are sharing some of their fondest memories of the Alamo Ritz.

The news making the rounds this week of the Alamo Drafthouse’s financial restructuring and closure of the Ritz also came with other casualties — including my own local Drafthouse, the Alamo Mainstreet in Kansas City.

How an incendiary rock star’s Armenian heritage informed his calling and impacted the world

At a glance one might surmise that Truth to Power is a typical music documentary in the common understanding of that idea; a film about an artist, made for fans of that artist.

While fans will certainly vibe with this story, it’s just not that kind of film.

Truth to Power does cover the history of Serj Tankian’s musical career, both as frontman for System of a Down and in his solo work, then widens its scope: this is a man who has always had bigger things on his mind.

Richard Kelly’s divisive sophomore film gets deluxe treatment including a new 2K restoration — here’s how it stacks up

Arrow Video has released a new edition of Southland Tales with a crisp 2K restoration. The film originally released on Blu-ray in 2008, in a fairly respectable edition from Sony with nice image quality and bonus features including a BTS doc and short film. …

Neil Marshall’s latest considers the cruelty and inherent misogyny of Europe’s witch trials

In our recent political climate, “Witch hunt!” has been reduced to little more than an empty platitude for deflecting accountability. But with his latest film, Neil Marshall and company (including his fiance and cowriter Charlotte Kirk, who also stars), consider the very desperate and invariably grim struggle which waited any woman accused (which is to say, found guilty) of witchcraft during this true era of terror.

Steven Kostanski makes wild shit. I’m a big fan of some of his films, like his occult/Lovecraftian horror tale The Void, and more relevantly to this conversation, the wildly inventive/low-fi exteme sci-fi comedy Manborg.

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